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Moissanite UK

Bespoke Jewellery Design

You may have seen a engagement ring you like or seen two rings and wanted parts from each, you may have a piece of jewellery that has a unique part that you want recreating into your ring. Let us bring this to reality and create your perfect piece of jewellery.


Already have your own design?

You may have already designed your own piece of jewellery, Lady Lynsey Designs can turn your ideas into reality.



Make the dream a reality

We take your draft designs or ideas to create your unique piece of jewellery

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Making the design

Using state of the art computer aided design software. We can create your unique piece of jewellery.

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See the ring before its made

Before we make your ring we can send you images of the finished ring at each angle. For you to see what the ring will look like and approve the design.

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Contact Our Bespoke Design Team

Please enter your details below and a jewellery designer from our bespoke design team will be in touch shortly.


With the designs all approved we can begin turning the design into the finished piece of jewellery

The ring is now ready for the final polish. Again this is all done by hand with a number of polishing brushes to make the bespoke piece of jewellery shine. Your bespoke jewellery is now ready to wear.

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